Introduction To The Company

We are located at Phaltan in the district of Satara. Phaltan is 100 kms from Pune on the Pune - Pandharpur Road.

Mr. B.V.Nimbkar a leading agriculturist  founded Nimbkar Seeds Pvt. Ltd. and was a pioneer of the Indian seed industry. In 1993 , Mr . B.V. Nimbkar imported Boer Goat embryos from Australia in order to make Boer Goat stock widely available throughout India.Later on he also imported semen of Damascus Goats and started breeding them with locals. In a decade he was able to have a flock of Damascus goats.

Mr Nimbkar has held a wide range of other senior positions including World Bank adviser and Chairman of MAFCO, as well as President of the Maharashtra Sheep and Goat Commission 1989-92.

Mr Nimbkar received the Padmashri from the President of India in 2006.

Nimbkar Seeds Pvt. Ltd. now manages most of the activities related to Boer and Damascus Goats.

We work to international standards in maintaining and developing our farms, flocks and semen quality.


Mr. Nimbkar was awarded "Padmashri" by the President of India in 2006   Mr. B.V.Nimkar with Mr. Sharad Pawar  


Services offered

If you are a goat farmer or are interested in becoming a goat farmer, to raise goats for meat, Nimbkar Boer Goats can help you to achieve greater profits.

Nimbkar Seeds will provide you with top quality Boer Goats or semen for flock improvement and will also provide you with advice and services to enable you to manage your goat farm with greater efficiency.

We have the following offerings:

  • Live animals
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Advice on goat management
  • Frozen And Fresh Semen
  • Training in Artificial Insemination and Goat Management

We are fortunate to have on its Board of Directors Dr. Chanda Nimbkar, nationally and internationally renowned Animal Geneticist, and Dr. Pradip Ghalsasi, a veterinarian with hands on practical knowledge and vast experience with goat and sheep in India and abroad, who have been associated with Boer Goats since the time the embryos were imported into India and have extensive experience in their management and breeding.