About Damascus


The Maharashtra Goat and Sheep Research and Development Institute brought frozen semen of Damascus goats from Syria under the program of India-Syria Bilateral Cooperation. This was brought in return for imparting the technique of freezing of goat and sheep semen to the Syrian Government. The semen freezing was carried out by the consulting veterinarian of the Institute in September 2000.


The institute used this semen to crossbreed Boer and Sirohi goats belonging to the Institute. The institute now has a flock of Boer-Damascus crosses.

The main features of the Damascus goats are:

  • Improved dual purpose (meat and milk) goat breed developed in Syria and Cyprus.  
  • Physical features: - Tall hairy brownish coloured goat with pendulous ears
  • Adult weight

- Male 70 to 90 kg
- Female 50 to 60 kg

  • Kid weights at the Institute ’ s farm

- 3 months : 15-18 kg
- 6 months : 20-25 kg

  • Kids are strong because mothers have high milk yield.
  • Age at first oestrus: 1 ¼ to 1 ½ years.
  • About 50% goats give twins.