Goat Up-gradation

How to use Boer and Damascus cross bucks to upgrade your Goats

A Breeding buck can either be kept with the breeding does all the time. Or the buck can be kept separately and hand mated with the doe when it is in heat.
If the buck is kept with the does until they all conceive, usually one buck is needed for 20 does.
If the buck is brought to the doe only for mating, one buck is enough for 50 does.
Farmers can upgrade their flocks more quickly by introducing Boer or crossbred Boer or Damascus cross bucks in their flocks.

Goat keepers, who keep only one or two goats, can form a group in their village and keep a Boer breeding buck for breeding all the goats in the community.
Farmers with a flock of more than 50 does can upgrade flocks economically by using either Nimbkar's excellent quality frozen Boer goat semen or fresh semen from a Boer buck and practice artificial insemination (A.I.)